SoundPEATS Air 3 Deluxe HS Bluetooth 5.2 True Wireless Earbuds with Hi Res , LDAC , Qualcomm QCC3040 and aptX-Adaptive-Black
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Compared to other electronics, the earbuds are low power products. Hence for charging safety,please make sure the charging current is no greater than 5V 1A. Please do not use fast charger. Long term use an inappropriate adapter to charge will damage the case.

If the case and earbuds are damaged by using an improper adapter, this kind of man-made damage is not covered by the warranty.


Hi-Res Audio with LDAC

Reproduce the delicate and high fidelity sound.

Ultra Small Size with Various Functions

In order to adapt to a compact lifestyle, SOUNDPEATS has been designed to be the smallest size of history, this new model is compact and easy to carry around.

Better Sound Than 0.6 inch (14.2 mm) Dynamic Driver

Based on the VGP 2021 EC Costs Award and Department Gold Awards,we have improved and tuned the 0.6 inch (14.2 mm) biocellose diaphragm. Rich 3D sound and natural listening experience, restoring realistic texture and detail. Enjoy the volume of the bass that you can expect from a large caliber and the open and natural sound field that is unique to the inner ear type.

Supports aptX Adaptive Codec

With the latest improvement in sound skipping and sound loss in conventional aptX. Data transfer at a fixed bit rate, so there is a lot of sound interruptions and noise may occur depending on the environment where communication is crowded and time zones. AptX Adaptive allows you to create a stable audio listening environment with low latency by changing the transfer bit rate according to the signal status and the amount of data in your listening environment. Automatically adjusts to optimal sound quality and delay for stress-free enjoyment in various situations, such as music, videos, and games.

Bluetooth 5.2

Adopts the latest Qualcomm SoC "QCC3040", which is compliant with Bluetooth 5.2. Supports device-specific connection system "TrueWireless Mirroring" and supports the next generation mainstream audio codec, aptX Adaptive. Not only is it very power-saving performance, it also automatically switches between parent-child devices as the environment changes and automatically adjusts the data transfer bit rate. Improved connection stability, connection range and battery life.

Installation Detection Function

You can listen to your favorite music:Equipped with a attachment detection function that automatically detects the device on and off the ears, so you can play music while the left and right sides are attached and the left and right sides of the ear, and the music will be pushed automatically. It will automatically play music when you install it again. You can enjoy your music from the moment you put your earphones on, and you won't miss your favorite part. Listen to music more conveniently and comfortably!

Package included:

1x SoundPEATS Air3 DELUXE HS Bluetooth Earbuds
1x Type-C Charging Cable
1x Charging Case
1x User Manual

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